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Product Overview

eTIME v3A.08.02 is a multi-user Windows-based Time and Attendance software system. It offers simple and easy-to-use ways to collect employees hours, apply company pay policys and interface directly to ADP payroll systems. eTIME v3A.08.02 is Windows 32 bit, North American product, 4-digit Year 2000 GUI.

eTIME Accruals Interface - The Accrual Interface for eTIME is a new feature that will be integrated into the eTIME 3a.08.02 SP2 and above version of the eTIME Utility. This new feature enables a way to send employee allowed hours from eTIME and pass this information to PCPW so the real-time balances print on the pay statement. NOTE: You MUST have the eTIME Enhanced Accruals module to use the Accruals interface feature. Refer to the eTIME Accruals Interface Fact Sheet for more information.

System Requirements